Friday, November 9, 2007

Josiah, Lego Master

(Typed by Josiah) this was a pretty easy ship. weapons: fireblaster- 5,000 mph . per blast high tech robot cutter 150 mph speed of ship = speed of light.


The Keller Troop said...

Josiah - your Lego creations ARE amazing! You are definitely the Lego master...makes me wonder what you will do with those awesome skills some day when you grow skyscrapers...battleships...construct killers roller coasters...who knows? There are so many options for you! Keep dreaming and keep building.

Jill said...

Hi Josiah.
You are a great architect and designer! I love seeing the things that you make. AND, you even typed your own blog description. Fantastic! What else have you been creating these days? We made a tower in Sunday School, but we didn't have anyone that could create things like you can. Love you.
Grandma H.