Friday, November 30, 2007

Grandpa Jacobson

On Monday night I left from Anchorage, flew to Seattle, met my mom, and continued on together to Chicago where we boarded a bus and traveled to Rockford to be with my Grandpa and Grandma at the hospital. Grandpa had another stroke and things aren't looking good for his recovery. He will probably suffer more strokes and/or heart trouble for the rest of his life. The doctor says it could be two days, or two years. We've been having fun keeping his spirits up. He is confused and disoriented a lot of the time, so he's been regaling us with stories of his wild nights when we get to his room each morning. He's had visits from the Tattletale Committee, the doctor who is "part duck" (or the Fart Doctor, according to Grandma), beautiful women surrounding him (no, he wasn't talking about us family members!), five guys who wrestled him to the ground, and more-just in his imagination! (By way of explanation, I tried to rotate that first pic, but I'm out of time, as we need to get back to his room! The picture of him eating something green is just for Ruth. He's eating pureed food and he called it Sponge Bob. I think it's green beans.)
I'm so thankful for air miles which I flew on to get here affordably, and for an awesome husband who let me go! The kids have great babysitters who are trading off for the week.

Ryley, Josiah, Isaac and Anna...I miss you so much and can't wait to get home. I'm counting the days with you and I'll be bringing little surprises for all of you! I hope everyone is done throwing up now. Josiah, Dad said you were so tough and you took the flu "like a man". I'm so proud of you! Ryley, I'm sure you're helping the girls with everything and are comforting to Isaac and Anna when they miss me. Isaac, I know you're keeping everyone laughing when they feel sad. Anna, you are probably taking good care of all your boys. I'll see you soon!!

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Jill said...

And I am so thankful to Jeremy and Sarah for taking care of my flight down here so that I could come, for Sarah's presence here, and so much more. Thank you Sarah and Jeremy.
Love you all.
Love you Ryley, Josiah, Isaac, Anna!
Mom H.